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Vision New Voting Rights Act Campaign Finance Automatic and Same Day Voter Registration Election Accuracy

Ours is a government for the people and by the people. But in recent years, tens of millions of Americans haven’t voted—not because they love our democracy any less, but because they have been drawn out of it by partisan gerrymandering efforts; racist voter ID laws; and a campaign finance system that provides the wealthy with more of a say in our government than everyone else. As a result, we are at risk of losing the idea at the core of our democracy—that all of our voices deserve to be heard.

Beto’s plan will reinvigorate our democracy by registering 50 million new voters and ensuring 35 million additional votes are cast in 2024; ending permanent incumbency; banning voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering; enhancing election security; and limiting money’s influence in politics, so our government can once again be run not by PACs or lobbyists or corporations, but by the people.

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Beto believes the only way we will solve the challenges we face is by restoring our democracy. As president, Beto will: 

  • Work with Congress to crack down on racist voter ID laws, which disproportionately prevent people of color and people with working class backgrounds from voting
  • Propose a New Voting Rights Act that prevents politically-motivated state officials from purging voter rolls, establishes Voting Day as a national holiday, extends early voting, improves polling place accessibility, and provides federal resources for voting by mail

Beto believes politicians should answer not to PACs, lobbyists, or corporations, but to the people. As president, Beto will:

  • Call for legislation that ends the influence of PACs; provide matching contributions for low dollar donors; and bring transparency to donations made by corporations and other large donors
  • Eliminate corporate influence in government by forever banning federal elected officials from lobbying and banning senior staff from lobbying for at least 6 years after their role in government. He would also prohibit  members of Congress from accepting political contributions from companies representing a sector regulated by a committee on which that member sits

Beto believes we need to make it easier, not harder, to vote. As president, he will work to pass:

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Same-day voter registration
  • Pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, so the next generation is prepared to participate in the democracy they will inherit

Beto believes the only way for our democracy to function is if our elections are accurate in their results and in their reflection of the popular will. As president, Beto will:

  • Protect the integrity of our elections by dedicating federal funding toward improving our election infrastructure.
  • Work to pass legislation to end partisan gerrymandering by empowering independent redistricting commissions.
  • Eliminate any attempts to undercount immigrants and decrease resources for disadvantaged communities through the census