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This is the biggest economy in world history, but it is not yet the greatest. That’s because only some people have access to it. The rest are outside, looking in. For those who can buy access and influence, they’ve been able to purchase tax cuts for themselves and corporations; legislation that protects their interests, even if those interests are at odds with the rest of America—that’s why medication is so expensive and why we still don’t have universal background checks.

Beto has a plan to return our economy to the people, so we have a minimum wage that’s a living wage, health care for all, a tax code that gives a break to the middle class, and unions that have the power to organize. In Beto’s administration, everyone will participate in the economy—and it won’t only be the world’s biggest economy, but the greatest.

Beto believes we don’t only need more employment opportunities, but better ones—so no one needs to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. As president, he will create: 

  • More Jobs
    • Investing in our crumbling infrastructure, improving our airports, increasing access to mass transit, expanding access to rural broadband, and modernizing our water infrastructure
    • Increasing federal resources to create manufacturing jobs, which includes tripling funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    • Rooting out racism and sexism in the small business lending market to translate investment into small businesses and jobs, helping protect and preserve over 200,000 women and minority owned small businesses by the end of Beto’s second term
    • Appointing a Federal Reserve chair and governors who will prioritize full employment
  • Better Jobs
    • Fighting for a $15 Minimum Wage
    • Strengthening the voices of workers, by:
      • Protecting every worker’s right to form or join a union
      • Fighting to eliminate state right-to-work laws
      • Fighting for unions to be able to hold employers accountable for unjust treatment by increasing enforcement efforts
      • Ending mandatory arbitration clauses, which rob nearly 60 million Americans of the right to take their employer to court, and stopping the misclassification of workers
    • Ensuring every worker has access to paid family leave, so they don’t have to choose between caring for their families and their job
    • Signing into law the Paycheck Fairness Act and ending pay disparities for women and particularly women of color
    • Ensuring that individuals with disabilities earn the same wage as those without disabilities for performing similar work
  • 21st Century Jobs
    • Creating clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience jobs as part of our $5 trillion investment in combating climate change, with funding including paid-training grants to earn skills in this changing economy. Read more here.
    • Investing $100 billion in the infrastructure of our schools
    • Expanding paid training and apprenticeships programs, so workers can be trained for the jobs of today—and the jobs of tomorrow

As a former small business owner, Beto believes we must leverage the full force of our government to support the businesses we depend on to power our economy. As president, he will:

  • Direct $100 billion in government contracts to small businesses, with half that opportunity going to women and minority entrepreneurs. This would spur and sustain over 200,000 women and minority owned small businesses by 2028
  • Triple the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to $102 million in annual funding to supply diverse entrepreneurs
  • Increase annual funding to the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFIs) to $500 million
  • Leverage targeted government contracting and other catalytic investments to unlock over a half a trillion dollars of economic opportunity for women and minority owned businesses
  • Root out racism and sexism in the small business lending market to translate investment into new small businesses and jobs
  • Read our full plan here.

Beto believes Wall Street is working for corporations and the wealthiest individuals at the expense of all of us. As president, he will: 

  • Impose a 0.1% financial transaction tax and use the revenue to support educational equity programs while also cutting down destabilizing speculation of high frequency traders  
  • Appoint regulators to monitor Wall Street, ensure banks are less likely to fail, and take on shadow banking
  • Work with Congress to establish a Public Credit Reporting Agency in the CFPB that will provide accurate credit reports to lenders while addressing racial disparities, making access to credit more equitable
  • Strengthen the CFPB, restoring oversight and reversing the  damage of the Trump Administration

Beto believes Social Security is a sacred trust—a promise from our government that if you work hard, you’ll have what you need when you retire. But he also knows Social Security is under attack. As president, he will make strengthening and protecting social security a top priority, by: 

  • Signing into law a bill he cosponsored as a member of Congress called the Social Security 2100 Act. This bill: 
    • Increases benefits, cuts taxes on benefits, and updates the formula used to calculate annual cost-of-living adjustments, accounting for how much seniors spend on health care and other necessities
    • Guarantees the viability of Social Security well into the next century by, for example, ensuring that millionaires and billionaires no longer pay proportionately less in Social Security taxes than truck drivers and nurses
  • Ensuring social security works for today’s families by:
    • Tackling the penalty for caregiving in Social Security benefits, which disproportionately undermines the retirement security of women—and women of color—by reducing their benefit levels.
    • Ensuring two worker couples, particularly same-sex couples, get fair survivor benefits
    • Allowing college students to receive their parents’ benefits when both parents pass
    • Read the plan here.

Beto believes unions are the backbone of our middle class—and they have consistently been on the forefront of the economic justice movement in the United States. But they are under attack. As president, Beto would elevate the voice of workers, strengthen unions, and fight efforts to undermine them by: 

  • Signing into law the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), which would create meaningful penalties for employers that violate workers’ rights, prevent interference in union elections, enable unions to collect “fair share” fees, ensure workers who have certified a union can get a first contract, allow for secondary boycotts and pickets, and prevent employers from misclassifying their employees
  • Overturning “right-to-work” laws
  • Strengthening our labor and employment laws that were written 70 years ago and do not reflect the current economy 
  • Ending mandatory arbitration clauses, which rob nearly 60 million workers of the right to take their employer to court
  • Ensuring federal funding that is used to create or support jobs is tied to fair wages and the right to organize

Beto believes women deserve equal pay for equal work. As president, he will: 

  • Close a pay gap which is disproportionately impacting women of color by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would secure equal pay for equal work, by: 
    • Strengthening legal remedies for equal pay violations; 
    • Protecting workers who talk to their colleagues about their wages; 
    • Limiting use of wage history in the hiring process.
  • Ensure robust support for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission—because only 15% of claims of racial discrimination are resolved with some form of relief
  • Appoint a Federal Reserve chair and governors who will prioritize full employment, which has been shown to especially benefit black workers’ wages.

Beto believes no parent should have to choose between caring for their child and pursuing their career. As president, he will: 

  • Expand access to affordable child care by increasing funding for the Child Care Block grant 
  • Enact a paid family leave policy that allows all parents to care for a child, but also care for themselves and other family members
  • Create a system of universal pre-K
  • Increase the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, making it refundable so that low-income families, who may not have tax liability, can still benefit