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National Security

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Our power rests in our unyielding commitment to our values and our leadership at home and abroad. And as the world creeps towards authoritarianism, we need to defend those values—now more than ever—not with unnecessary wars, but with bold leadership on the international stage.

That means standing up against the rise of authoritarianism around the world and protecting our democracy from interference here at home; focusing on diplomacy, development, and defense, rather than supporting brutal campaigns like Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen; restoring our relationships with our allies, instead of cozying up to dictators; and reestablishing our leadership of our own Hemisphere by investing in stability and peace in Central America—and combating hate crimes here at home.

Beto believes the Trump Administration’s treatment of Central America is one of our greatest foreign policy failures. As president, Beto will:

  • Ensure we are investing in the region to address poverty, corruption, and violence
  • Support those dealing with the effects of climate change
  • Work with partners to build peace and prosperity
  • Read our immigration plan for more.

Beto believes the time has come to cancel the blank check for endless war. As president, he will:

  • Negotiate a drawdown of troops in coordination with our allies and international partners, which sustains peace and ensures women are included in the peace process
  • Propose that Congress invest nearly half of the $400 billion saved from ending these wars into programs to benefit veterans
  • Provide veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families, with the necessary support to re-enter civilian life

Beto believes the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) wasn’t perfect, but was critical to ensuring Iran did not acquire nuclear weapons. As president, he will:

  • Ensure Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons, by working with our allies, as we did throughout the Obama Administration to contain Iran and end the needless escalation of tensions
  • Rejoin the JCPOA

Beto believes Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East. As president, he will:

  • Advocate for a two-state solution—which Beto believes is the only way to achieve peace in the region
  • Work to guarantee the safety of all who call the region home, Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Hold all parties to account for violations of human rights

Beto believes our ability to fight terrorism is dependent on the strength of our relationships with our allies. As president, Beto will:

  • Take every necessary step to ensure Americans are safe from terrorism, including intelligence gathering with our allies, pursuing targeted actions, and securing our nuclear stockpile
  • Address and repair the ways in which Trump has made us less safe—including his abandonment of our allies and his saber-rattling with Iran.
  • Strengthen our relationship with the allies we rely on for intelligence sharing and bring to a close our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan in a responsible way that prevents the creation of a power vacuum for terrorist groups to fill

Beto believes Russia threatens our national security—and democratic institutions around the world. As president, Beto will:

  • Stand up to Russian aggression—whether it be their interference in our elections or military belligerence in Europe—by imposing sanctions on the Russian oligarchs that fund Putin’s corruption and the Russian banks that finance efforts to undermine democracy
  • Reinforce our historic alliance with NATO
  • Invest in cybersecurity to safeguard our elections. Read Beto’s plan to protect our democracy here

Beto believes the only way we will confront the global challenges we face, like climate change, is by engaging with China. As president, Beto will:

  • End our Trade War—and work strategically with our allies in the region to stabilize markets and protect the suppliers and producers who are fundamental to the success of the U.S. economy
  • Adopt a coherent strategy for holding China accountable to international rules of economic freedom and fair play
  • Put America’s security first, and protect our systems from  cybersecurity threats
  • Work to build relationships that respect our workers and intellectual property, keep markets open, and advance core democratic values

Beto believes President Trump’s lack of coherent strategy with North Korea has strengthened Kim Jong-Un and weakened American interests. As president, Beto will:

  • Protect the United States and our service members on the Korean peninsula from Kim’s aggression by fortifying sanctions against North Korea and laying the foundation for serious negotiations around denuclearization
  • Work with South Korea, Japan, and our allies to embrace diplomacy with North Korea with the goal of denuclearization, while continuing to economically isolate Kim—no longer granting his regime legitimacy without demonstrated progress on weapons reduction and human rights

Beto believes our national security is about more than our threats from abroad—and our Commander-in-Chief has a responsibility to combat hate crimes here at home. As president, he will:

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect—not just through his rhetoric, but with tangible policies that protect the most vulnerable among us. As President, Beto will:
    • Ensure his Department of Justice has the necessary resources to actively prosecute hate crimes and provide resources for training local law enforcement in responding to hate crimes
    • Require the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation to expand the definition of hate crime to improve its database on the prevalence of hate crimes
  • Actively work to reverse the spike in hate crimes that we’ve seen during Trump’s presidency
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect—showing America the President of the United States no longer believes immigrants are rapists and criminals, Muslims have no place in our country, and Klansmen and Neo-Nazis are “very fine people.”