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A lifelong resident of El Paso, home to Fort Bliss—and a former member of the House Armed Services Committee and Veterans’ Affairs Committee—Beto believes our Commander-in-Chief has no responsibility more sacred than protecting the security of America and our troops. In Congress, Beto distinguished himself by working across the aisle to deliver for our nation’s veterans, expanding access to mental health care; expediting the disability claims process; and improving the staffing and functioning at the El Paso VA.

These laws are already saving lives, but Beto recognizes that our work is still far from done—in a country where 20 veterans die by suicide every day. That’s why he has a plan to bring a responsible end to our forever wars; improve veterans’ mental and physical health care by modernizing the VA; and ensure all veterans, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, and their families, are treated with dignity and respect.

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Beto believes there’s no greater way to honor the sacrifice of our veterans than to take gravely seriously the awesome responsibility of declaring war. As president, he will:

  • Bring a responsible end to our decades-long military engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Propose that Congress invest nearly half of the $400 billion saved from ending these wars into programs to benefit veterans
  • Before starting any new wars, impose a modest tax on households without members of the Armed Forces, making it harder to go to war and easier to care for our veterans

Beto believes we need to build a modern VA that provides veterans with the highest quality of care. As president, Beto will:

  • Build a VA that attracts the best talent, develops evidence-based standards, and becomes a leader on opioid on mental health treatment
  • Eliminate bureaucratic red tape, making the VA an industry model for efficiency and quality care
  • Read our full plan here.

Beto believes all veterans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. As president, he will:

  • Guarantee that women veterans will receive the care they need without harassment
  • Guarantee LGBTQ+ veterans are honored for their service
  • Overturn the transgender troop ban
  • Guarantee Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and other service-related injuries are not unjustly punished
  • Restore military service as a pathway to citizenship

Beto believes we have a responsibility to ensure our veterans can succeed when they come back home—and distinguished himself as a leader on this issue in Congress. As president, Beto will: 

  • Expand the support provided to veterans prior to discharge through  “reverse boot camps”
  • Enroll members of the armed forces in VA programs at the end of their service, ensuring their access to benefits
  • Expand support for the families of veterans and dedicate federal funds to prevent veteran homelessness