Keeping the Lights On: A Statewide Drive for a Brighter Texas

“Together, we can defeat a governor who we can’t trust to keep the lights on by remembering that the real power in this state is the people of Texas.” —Beto

One year after a preventable grid collapse left millions of families without heat, electricity, and running water for days, Texans will be coming together at events across the state to remember what happened, spotlight those who stepped up to serve their communities during the terrifying blackout, and unite around a brighter future for Texas where we finally fix the grid, bring utility costs down, and keep the lights on so this deadly crisis never happens again.

Keeping the Lights On is a 12 day, more than 2,100 mile statewide drive for a brighter Texas that will take Beto back to over 20 cities and towns. Join your neighbors, community, and fellow Texans by attending the following public events:

Friday, Feb. 4 in ODESSA: RSVP here.

Saturday, Feb. 5 in ABILENE: RSVP here.

Saturday, Feb. 5 in WICHITA FALLS: RSVP here.

Sunday, Feb. 6 in DENTON: RSVP here.

Tuesday, Feb. 8 in TYLER: RSVP here.

Tuesday, Feb. 8 in WACO: RSVP here.

Wednesday, Feb. 9 in AUSTINRSVP here.

Thursday, Feb. 10 in SAN ANTONIO: RSVP here.

Thursday, Feb. 10 in LAREDO: RSVP here.

Friday, Feb. 11 in MCALLEN: RSVP here.

Saturday, Feb. 12 in CORPUS CHRISTI: RSVP here.

Tuesday, Feb. 15 in HOUSTON: RSVP here.

We all experienced this crisis together, but each of our experiences is unique.

Share your story from the Texas grid collapse and the blackout that followed: Click here.

Can’t make it out to an event? You can still join the Statewide Drive for a Brighter Texas.

Beto reminds us that when Greg Abbott let the grid fail last February, everyday Texans stepped up and brought us through this crisis. Now that Abbott has still refused to fix the grid — protecting the profits of his donors instead of the lives of our families — it’s important that we step up once more to make sure this never happens again. Here’s how:

Join us in Knocking on Doors

Join us in Calling Texans

Join us in Writing Letters to Voters

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