Energy & Environment

I will expand Texas’ energy leadership.

As governor, I will work tirelessly to ensure Texas remains the global energy leader for generations to come. I’ll ensure that we fix our failing power grid, expand the energy jobs we create in Texas, bring down Texans’ energy bills, and help lead the fight against climate change.

I will add to our hundreds of thousands of oil and gas jobs by pursuing the Texas labor movement’s aggressive clean energy jobs plan, which aims to create 1.1 million high-paying jobs over the next 25 years by investing in geothermal power generation, hydrogen-fueled energy, offshore wind, solar generation, energy efficiency, and more.

I will work tirelessly to ensure Texas remains the global energy leader.

And as energy consumers around the world increasingly demand cleaner energy, it’s becoming clear that we will soon lose our leadership in oil and gas if we don’t work seriously to remove emissions from the industry and better protect our air, water, and public lands. While most companies want to do the right thing, they’re put at a competitive disadvantage when Greg Abbott allows his wealthiest corporate donors to pollute without consequence. When I’m governor, I will enforce our pollution laws and create jobs in emission reduction strategies like carbon capture and storage.

Pursuing these solutions now promises to bring billions of dollars into the Texas economy—but if we don’t act soon, other states and countries will pass us by.


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