Voting Rights

It shouldn’t be hard to vote in Texas.

Every citizen in this state should be able to vote. Generations of Texans have fought and died to defend that right and protect our democracy.

Yet in a cynical ploy to maintain power and shield himself from the will of the people, Greg Abbott has made Texas the hardest state in which to register to vote and cast a ballot.

Under his leadership, Texas has closed more polling places than any other state. Our onerous voter ID laws are particularly difficult for young, elderly, and low-income Texans to meet. We’re one of just a handful of states that does not offer online voter registration. And new, confusing mail-in ballot laws have complicated the process for elderly and disabled Texans—many of whom have relied on that form of voting for decades.

As governor, I will ensure every eligible voter can access the ballot box and have a say in the future of our state.

We will pass online and same-day voter registration, expand eligible forms of voter ID, reduce obstacles to voting by mail, expand access to polling sites, and establish nonpartisan redistricting commissions to ensure that Texas voters have the power to pick their leaders, not the other way around.


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