Small Business

We’ll ensure Texas is the number one state to start and grow a small businesses.

I’m the only candidate in this race who has owned a small business and met a payroll every month for 15 years. As a former business owner in my hometown of El Paso, I created dozens of high-skill, high-wage jobs that one might not expect to see in a border community.

Under Greg Abbott, 50 percent of Texas businesses fail within their first five years. Since he took office, Texas has dropped from 7th to 18th place for its small business survival rate, as operating costs skyrocket and as Abbott provides small businesses only a fraction of the attention and resources that he provides wealthy corporations.

I will have the backs of all those Texans with a dream.

When we win this campaign, we’re going to have the backs of all those Texans with a dream who are looking to bring great jobs and economic investment into their communities.

One of my top priorities will be to bring down costs for small businesses by keeping Texas a no-income-tax state, lowering their property taxes by ensuring wealthy corporations pay their fair share, and lowering their monthly energy bills through direct bill assistance and energy efficiency programs.

I’ll also ensure Texas multiplies partnerships with private lenders and community banks to expand access to the capital, credit, and training that new and growing small businesses need to thrive—especially in low-income and rural areas where these resources are growing harder and harder to come by.

While Abbott focuses on directing lucrative contracts to his friends and largest donors, I’ll ensure state contracts support small businesses and reflect the diversity of our state by procuring goods and services from small businesses owned by women, people of color, veterans, and Texans with disabilities.

Together, we’ll ensure Texas is the number one state for innovators and hard workers to start and grow their small businesses.


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