High-Paying Jobs

I want the best jobs in America to come right here to Texas.

As a former business owner in my hometown of El Paso, I met a payroll every month for 15 years and created dozens of high-skill, high-wage jobs that one might not expect to see in a border community. 

Texas is the ninth largest economy in the world—we should see good jobs coming to every part of Texas. Yet over the past decade, Texas has lost 600,000 living wage jobs, while growth has been concentrated in the kinds of jobs that don’t pay enough for the average Texas family to get by. With 1 in 5 Texas children living in poverty, it’s clear that the Texas economy isn’t working for everyone.

Over the past decade, Texas has lost 600,000 living wage jobs.

Together, we can ensure that the best jobs in America are created right here in Texas. Yes, that means raising the minimum wage, and ensuring every Texan is paid the full value of their work. But it’s got to mean a whole lot more than that, too. We’ve got to start doing the big, bold things that can move this state forward—not just the bare minimum.

As governor, I will pursue an aggressive energy jobs plan that will ensure Texas remains the global energy leader for generations to come. We will expand on our leadership in oil and gas by creating over 1 million high-skill, high-wage unions jobs in geothermal energy, offshore wind, hydrogen, battery storage, and more in the years to come.

We will take Texas from having one of the worst health care systems in the country to having one of the best, including by expanding Medicaid to bring billions of dollars into the Texas economy and create nearly 300,000 jobs in the healthcare industry and beyond.

And we’ll ensure infrastructure development projects flow to every part of the state—to urban, suburban, and rural communities alike—to build out the roads, bridges, water systems, and broadband that will encourage economic development in our communities. We’ll create not just any infrastructure jobs, but family-supporting infrastructure jobs, with good pay, good benefits, and good job training opportunities.

Together, we can ensure the best jobs in America come right here to Texas.

To make sure every Texan willing to work hard and serve their community can access these types of high-paying jobs, we will dramatically expand access to apprenticeships, career and technical education programs, and other job training opportunities in Texas’ most in-demand industries. That’s the only way to ensure each of our families have the opportunity to move up and move forward.


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